Venkat Janapareddy

Venkat Janapareddy is a Boston-based angel investor and entrepreneur with a keen interest in new technologies, particularly within the employment, big data and IOT industry. He splits his professional time between three different facets of his career: he is an angel investor and incubator for two startups, Cintell and Dragonfly Data Factory, and he is also a staffing expert/business consultant.

Venkat primarily offers his staffing expertise through his own company, XpertTech, which helps businesses cultivate better workforces through personalized recruiting methods. He also offers advisory and consulting services as a tech architect at Deloitte Consulting, a global network of firms that improve business practices. Venkat is particularly interested in using his professional career and personal experience to provide for the public sector. For many years at Deloitte Venkat served governmental clients in Indiana, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts.

The possibilities of big data, IOT, and market tech all drive Venkat to seek out and support new developments within the employment, big data and IOT industry. He regularly reads up on technology and startups so he can stay on the cutting edge of the industry; he is also a member of the Boston Chapter of TIE Global, the biggest global not-for-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship. Spending so much of his time around other entrepreneurs inspires Venkat every day, and he helps provide ample resources for success, including investing, incubating, funding, and education.

As a graduate of Birla Institute of Technology in Pilani, India, Venkat is passionate about the importance of education. He is determined to make it more accessible, especially to the young children and teenagers who need it most. He has invested in educational collectives which use social media to reach wider audiences than ever.

Venkat Janapareddy

Venkat Janapareddy

Venkat enjoys turning groundbreaking ideas into reality, and he has conceptualized and created prototypes using a variety of tools. In addition to developing products through a number of programs, he regularly updates his skills in big data, front-ends, databases, tools, and languages.

Outside of the tech industry, Venkat cares about health and fitness and he stays active by frequently exercising. He also loves sports and regularly watches American football, especially New England Patriots games. His favorite football player though is Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos.

Venkat is also a family man and spends a lot of time with his two children, ages eight and three. His experience as a father has made him particularly interested in volunteering for children’s causes and he participates in charity work when he can.