Biggest Challenges For The Internet Of Things


While the Internet of Things has only been growing since it was first created, it has faced some challenges along the way and will continue to face challenges as long as it is in existence.


In 2015 the amount of devices connected to the Internet of Things was around 6.5 billion. This number is only expected to grow as technologies advance. With such a large number of devices connected, the security concern is extremely high. Individuals and businesses have a great deal of confidential information stored on the cloud and if people don’t believe that their devices are protected on the IoT then they might choose not to buy new technologies and utilize them. This could significantly slow down the progress of technologies.

Bandwidth and power consumption

With 6.5 billion devices connected to the cloud (IoT), the amount of bandwidth capacity needed to send and store this information is great. Figuring out ways to constantly grow this network and ensure that everything continues to have a place of the cloud is a great challenge for the Internet of Things.


Something that the Internet of Things needs to work on is ensuring that everything connected to the cloud is equipped with sensors to relay information to you when the device is facing a network connectivity problem.


The point of the Internet of Things is to ensure that devices all around the world are constantly connected to each other and to the cloud. This is only possible if the IoT is constantly available and never disrupted.


Technology is constantly changing. Trends change as does the need of the consumer. With these changes, the IoT needs to evolve and adapt in order to improve itself. If you look at where the Internet of Things was when it first started, you can tell that it has come a long way. It has expanded into many different fields such as transportation and agriculture. But it needs to ensure that it continues to grow and help out the consumer as much as possible,