Is the iPhone 7 Worth It?

The new iPhone 7 is here, and just as we expected, people are lining up to purchase it. By now, a fair number of people have gotten their hands on the device and have quite a bit to say. If you’re still trying to figure out whether you want to drop some cash on the iPhone 7, here are a couple of aspects of the device to consider:

Pro: Camera

Apple’s executives have been talking about how precise these cameras are, and they weren’t kidding. While camera review sites such as the DPReview have not yet put these cameras to the test, it’s clear that these are the best smartphone cameras to ever exist. The only cameras that come close are Samsung’s cameras on the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7, though it’s hard to say which of these Galaxy devices comes in second for camera quality after the iPhone 7.

Professional photographer Austin Mann reviewed the camera and took some truly mind-boggling photos. But perhaps you don’t believe the quality of the camera from this review. After all, Mann is a professional. But typical users can capture images just as impressive. If you don’t believe me, check out some incredible iPhone 7 photos from Reddit here.

Con: “Hissgate”

You may remember that the iPhone 6 evoked a phenomenon called “Bendgate”, named after the fact that the phones were bending. This, of course, was a result of people either putting their phones in their back pockets, or intentionally bending their phones to make a point. The controversy soon died down and people flooded in to buy the new iPhone 6 regardless.

After the release of the iPhone 7, “Hissgate” may be the new “Bendgate.” A number of people have complained to Apple that their phones are letting out a strange humming sound when using processor-intensive apps, like gaming apps. People have even tweeted clips of their phones creating the sound. We will have to wait and see how Apple handles these complaints, and whether this deters people from buying the iPhone 7.

The long-anticipated iPhone 7 is finally here and, like all new devices, it is being met with mixed reviews. We’ll have to see how well the product does, but if the track record of most other Apple devices is any clue, the iPhone 7 will probably sell just fine.