How the Internet of Things will Change Your Business


The Internet of Things may sound like something that is completely difficult to understand but actually, it is quite opposite. It’s simply everything that is connected to the internet. Today, the number of things in the Internet of Things is growing rapidly. Almost everything that you use in your daily life and specifically at work is connected to the Internet of Things. So how does this affect your businesses? Here are four ways how the Internet of Thing will change and have already changed the way that you work.

Companies can begin to make more advanced and smarter products

Not too long ago we didn’t used to expect much from technologies. But today, however, we expect the world from them. Take cell phones for example. Just a few years ago the only thing our phones were supposed to do was make calls. But today if our phones don’t have access to the internet at the moment that we need it we freak out. We expect our phones to do so much more than simply make a call. Moreover, simple items such as watches and tennis rackets are now “smart”. The reason behind this is the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result of the IoT businesses have the technologies and opportunities to make “smarter”, more useful and more connected products.

Businesses will be able to make smarter operational decisions

The Internet of Things isn’t only about smarter devices but it also has a lot to do with sensors. These tiny gadgets can be attached to anything from cell phones to floors to car and everything inbetween. They record and then transmit data into the cloud. With this new technology, business will be able to collect more data and specific feedback on how products are being used, their efficiency, when they break, and even what features users might want in the future. For example, sensors are being used on airplanes to relay to the ground what needs to be serviced when the plane lands. This way operators on the ground know exactly what parts they need before the plane even lands, which has cut down delay times significantly.

Change in business models

Firstly, companies, such as FitBit and Jawbone, are emerging that exclusively deal with technologies that have been created as a result of IoT. The fitness trackers that FitBit and Jawbone sell collect data about our fitness habits and health stats. This data is extremely pertinent for marketing and other purposes.

While the Internet of Things has affected the technologies that companies are able to create, more importantly it has changed the way we think about the world, both in business and our personal lives. People today couldn’t imagine going back to a world without smartphones, smart cars, smart roads, and smart infrastructure. We are used to living with these technologies. They have become a part of our everyday lives and without them our lives would be extremely different. When thinking about the IoT you have to think big- according to Forbes, “the Internet of Things could change everything and every business needs to consider its implications.”

Make businesses more efficient

As a result of the Internet of Things, business have and will become more efficient in terms of security and saving time. Experts, according to Forbes, believe that in the near future network security will become one of the most important aspects of businesses. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to invest in high-quality data solutions that will help their business immensely.

The Internet of Things has the ability to make businesses more productive and efficient. One way that it can do this is by locating objects quickly and easily. Anything that is connected to the IoT can be located with a few clicks of a button. For example, hospitals are currently geographically tagging all of their Internet-connected equipment, which saves nurses and doctors valuable time hunting down life saving devices. Businesses can also use IoT to track every aspect of their business from managing inventory to filling out orders, and locating tools and vehicles. With IoT businesses can know where everything is, as long as it is connected to the Internet, at all times.

Another way that IoT can make businesses more efficient is by helping you save time and get more out of your day. Many devices are becoming wireless, which helps businesses be efficient in their time management. Moreover, your devices, such as your smartphone, are “learning” about you. Through sensors, smartphones can know where you are and what you need. For example, your phone can detect when you walk into a Starbucks and wirelessly tell the barista your coffee order so that you don’t have to wait on line. You can then even pay for the coffee on your phone. These sensors can save you time during the day, be used for businesses and make your life more efficient.